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Food Waste Recycling Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH

Wackerbauer manufactures systems (squeezing machines) for the disposal of unwanted food/ we would call that Food Waste Recycling Wackerbauer.

The following is text curated from their website:

Ideal for unpacking superimposed foods

With this press, packaging and contents are separated from each other and the content can be fed to the biogas plant as co-fermentation!

Wackerbauer services

  • project management of complete plants
  • manufacturing of all necessary components for the biodegradeable- and food-waste recycling process
  • installation of the plant’s components.

The components

  • insertion dump
  • feed for sorting as a trough screw
  • separation of the iron-containing components with magnet
  • separation via additional metal detection on the vibrating chute
  • conveyor to crusher
  • hammer mill for comminution of the waste to mandatory prescribed grain size
  • hygienisation in double-tube heat exchangers or also in heated containers
  • silo containers for bunkering and/or cooling
  • steel constructions with accessible stages


  • Sophisticated equipment
  • Squeezing not shredding
  • Full range.


Possibly somewhat complex for a medium-sized food waste recycling company.

Food waste recycling

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