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Smicon SMIMO depackaging machine

The SMIMO depackaging machine has been used to unpack packaged food since 2006 to the great satisfaction of our clientele.

These depackaging machines discharge the organic contents through a sieve on one side and the packaging on the other side.

The following text has been curated from their website:

The wear and tear parts are easy to exchange and these unpacking machines are available in a stainless steel version, making them resistant to foodstuffs. For your process, the SMIMO depackaging machine is available in a version for different capacities, the SMIMO80, SMIMO120, and SMIMO160.

Based on our expertise, Smicon gladly advises which unpacking machine is best suited for your application.

We can adjust our machines and peripheral equipment to your specific product in order to separate it in the most optimal way.

Optionally, the SMIMO80, SMIMO120 and SMIMO160 can be expanded with a WS800 Windshifter, SP600 Screw press or BS260 Belt separator.

This post-treatment reduces the organic content in the packaging to an absolute minimum and ensures an extra yield of organic material.


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