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Siedon Industrial Waste Shredder Manufacturers

SIEDON offers all kinds of industrial waste shredders for RDF crushing, bulky waste shredding, kitchen waste shredding, and medical waste crushing. Based in China.

The following is curated from their website:

Organic Waste Shredding

Sieden organic waste shredders graphic.

Organic waste refers to the decomposable organic matter in daily waste. There are two major sources of organic waste, garden waste and kitchen waste, including food residues, vegetable roots, vegetable leaves, animal hooves, horns, melon peels, fruit scraps, egg shells, fish scales, egg shells, hair, plant branches, leaves, Weeds, animal carcasses, livestock manure.

Organic waste has the characteristics of perishable, low calorific value and rich organic matter content. It is difficult to dispose of conventional landfill and incineration. The comprehensive utilization methods include organic fertilizer and fuel oil.


Products for organic waste.


At the time of writing all the systems offered appear to be based upon shredding which is no longer considered to be state-of-the-art due to the production of small and microplastic particles which are environmentally damaging. Small particle size is not amicable to robot sorting techniques.


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