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The patented Scott Separation System has become the cornerstone in the waste recycling industry for the recovery of organic materials from…


Scott Organic Recycling and Product Recovery

Scott Turbo Separator

The following text and images have been curated from the Scott Equipment website:

The patented Scott Separation System has become the cornerstone in the waste recycling industry, specifically for the recovery of organic materials from packaging.

These recovered organics can be used for composting, animal nutrition supplements, and/or anaerobic digestion for green energy production.

The Scott Separator is the industrial waste recycling equipment needed to produce a 99% pure organic stream, regardless of whether the packaging type is plastic, paper, or can.

The efficiency of the Scott Separator enables our clients to reduce or eliminate waste disposal costs, recycle certain packaging, and create a revenue source via the recovered product.

Many of our competitors claim similar separation rates, except they add 3 times the water. The Scott Turbo Separator achieves exceptional separation WITHOUT water addition.

Ideal For:

  • Biogas Operations
  • Composting Sites
  • Animal Nutrition Feed Operations
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Materials Recycling Facilities
  • Waste Haulers / Transfer Stations

This machine also seems to be marketed by Atritor as the TS42 THOR.


Promoted and sold for organic recycling including food waste.


It is not clear to us from their website whether the Scott Equipment machine has a shredding system fixed to the internal shaft or a paddle system similar to the Atritor.

Assuming that the machines are paddle-based to avoid the environmental concerns related to size reduction producing small plastic particles, this machine uses only one switch to depackage and separate. That switch is bursting and squeezing packets open, combined with the speed of rotation.

The Atritor refers to all units being supplied with an “air-swept unit,” which conveys the light fraction “carried in the air stream to a cyclone and/or reverse jet bag filter”. We looked over the Scott Equipment system available online, but we couldn’t find any indications of a separation system that was comparable to what Atritor had shown.

Some newer developed systems combine this with other physical mechanisms for additional cleaning of the reject stream.

Source: Recycling – Scott Equipment Company

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