Anti Spam Policy

Depackaging Equipment Insights and our publisher IPPTS Associates is committed to maintaining a spam-free environment on all its digital platforms, including our website This Anti-Spam Policy outlines the types of activities that are considered spam and the measures we take to prevent spam on our website.

Definition of Spam

Spam refers to unsolicited, often repetitive, messages that are not relevant to the recipients. In the context of our website, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unsolicited promotional messages or advertisements
  • Repeated submissions of the same or similar comments
  • Irrelevant links posted in comments or forums.

Preventative Measures

CAPTCHA: We employ CAPTCHA technology to ensure that submissions on our website are made by humans, not automated bots.
Comment Moderation: All comments, forum posts, and user-generated content are subject to moderation before being published. This helps prevent irrelevant or promotional content from appearing on our website.
Registration Requirements: Users are required to register using a valid email address to post comments. This helps deter spammers from easily posting content.
User Verification: Email verification might be required for new accounts to further ensure authenticity and reduce the likelihood of spam.
Blacklisting: IP addresses identified as sources of spam are blocked from accessing our website.

User Responsibilities

Users of are asked to:

  • Avoid posting promotional content without explicit permission
  • Report any spam they encounter on our website using our designated reporting mechanisms
  • Ensure that their registered accounts are not used for spamming purposes.

Reporting Spam

If you encounter spam on our website, please report it to Provide as much detail as possible, including the nature of the spam, where it was found, and any other relevant information.

Consequences of Spamming

Engaging in spam activities on may result in:

  • Immediate removal of spam content
  • Suspension or termination of the offending user’s account
  • Legal action, if necessary, to prevent further spamming.

Amendments to the Policy

This Anti-Spam Policy may be amended from time to time to incorporate new technological measures or address new methods of spamming. Users are encouraged to review this policy periodically to stay informed of our anti-spam practices.

Contact Us

For any questions or suggestions regarding our Anti-Spam Policy, please contact us at

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